This blog, in its present form (this website and all) is one year old today. In the Indian Blogosphere, I have had the opportunity to read some very good writers, talk with some very interesting people and got to meet a few of them too. Most of them have inspired me in their own little


Note: “Writing”, in the context of this post, refers to publishing in the electronic media. It could be a blog, a portal, anything. Let’s just keep it at that. To claim that you write is a very dangerous thing. Tell an audience that you actually ‘write’ and a million questions seem to be directed at


More than a thousand farmers have commited suicide in Vidarbha, in the past 4 years or so. Yet, no Sharad Pawar and no Vilasrao Deshmukh even bothered to visit the place. And mind you, its not a place far, far away. It’s their own state. These politicians, they have no conscience. The plight of the

In Goa

In Goa, for a day. During the bus journey, a KSRTC Volvo bus, they started a kannada movie starring Upendra. It should only be obvious to expect a Kannada movie being played in a Karnataka state transport bus. Sadly, one north-Indian didnt realise it. Came forward, talked to the driver and asked him to change