Yesterday was Blog Quake Day. I have been off blogosphere for the past few days and I missed. But it’s never too late to do a right thing. My request to fellow bloggers is to link and tell about the earthquake and the relief operations. Do every little thing that you can. Link to the […]

We need more of this

I am not (yet) a fan of Vikram Seth, simply because, and forgive me for this, I have not read his work. But yes, over the years I have seen his books in almost all the bookshops that show some interest in the prose of Indian authors. One of them, “The Suitable Boy”, is the […]

Please read

I dug up this from the archives. In a link that I will soon reveal, Amitava Kumar, in a column written in 1999, asserts that most Indian writers in English, are reporters to the west. Barring Arundhati Roy, of course. Now, I hope that you have read Arundhati Roy’s essay “The End of Imagination”. […]

A quick post

Okay, a couple of things here. For good writing lovers, check Outlook Magazine’s 10 years: anniversary special. It has columns by Pankaj Mishra, Tarun Tejpal (of, Sagarika Ghose , Pico iyer, Sham Lal, Khushwant Singh and Gabriel Garcia Marquez, to name a few. And trust me on this, at Rs 15, it’s a steal. […]