Tough Times

A little more than 3 months ago, the company I worked for, had worked for since I started working, filed for bankruptcy. The organization was based in America and we had a setup in Bangalore which allowed us to work from here. Sitting here in Bangalore, I was told, in a chat window, that the

Fold the Baby

The sign, in Hindi, in front of my seat in the airplane says, “mausam kharab ho toh kripya shishu ko fold karke rakhen“. Meaning, if the weather is bad, please fold, right, fold, the baby. Yes, the baby. The same sign below, in English, says, if the weather is bad, please keep the baby wrapped

In Delhi

I will be in New Delhi for a week, starting tomorrow. Unlike my other trips, I can’t say that I am ‘travelling’ since this is not the usual ‘Adventure_&_Explore’ trip. Also, no train travel this time around. Air Deccan, this time, is my carrier of choice. I hope I get the ATR to fly in,