I am Aditya Kumar. I am based in Bangalore, India.

Although I started this as a personal blog, back in 2003, I evolved to writing on more serious issues than personal rants. Though posts sometimes can be of personal nature, this is more of a social blog, something that is a platform for me (and the readers) to convey what they feel about the social system and the society we live in. Of course, this is not to say that I write only on serious issues. Or issues, for that matter.

I have done part time writing too. My writings have been published in The Caravan and Tehelka. I was also featured in PRI’s the world (www.theworld.org), for the BBC, a couple of times.

I have earlier contributed to desicritics.org. For about two years, this blog was providing a feed to globalpost.com as a part of their India blogs section.

Since I do not do writing full time, the frequency of my posts is varied.

If you want to reach me, you are welcome to leave a comment here, or better still, email me at ak[at]adityeah[dot]com.

Feedback is always welcome as long as it is in good spirit and does not leave a bitter taste. In short, abusive comments and email will find their way to the trash can.

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  2. Hi Aditya Tried sending an email to ak[at]adityeah[dot]com, but it bounced back. Whats your correct email id??

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