“…The bathtub was another piece of abominable junk invented by the Europeans who bathed in the last Friday of the month, and then in the same water made filthy by the very dirt they tried to remove from their bodies.” “…She discovered with great delight that one does not love one’s children just because they


Imagine Rahul Dravid can talk to the Indian Batsmen while staying in the pavillion. It is India vs Australia. India could do with a 20-30 run partnership. That is all that is required and India are sniffing victory. Mongia is playing with a 50, pretty well set and Ajit Agarkar goes in to bat. What

In Chennai…

In Chennai for a day and I was missing the ongoing DLF Cup in Malaysia, as India took on Australia on a lazy saturday afternoon. What Australia did to India and what India did to themselves became an altogether different matter though. The same rain gods that were blamed for denying India a victory two