In Order

Update: The old theme is back :) Don’t be surprised. This blog has just gone through a successful upgrade. Apparently, the old theme is no longer supported and so what you see is the default WordPress theme. Depending on my patience level, I might just have to get a new one or make the old


Meanwhile a bunch of interesting links that I’d like you to visit: Caferati and livejournal have come up with a new contest. Its flash fiction. And the topic is “journal”. The end date is 7-September. Some of the prizes include serious cash, a chance to get a Livejournal paid account and a chance to see


Taking an (enforced) break from the world wide web and blogging (and email, youtube…). As the blogposts (to be read) pile up my inbox there was one email (blog posting alert that is) that caught my attention. Subject: Gas Consumption: California vs. China, India. This post from throws an interesting and probably alarming statistic


So what was it? The biggest break I have ever had since I started blogging? My work has kept me off all the things I like to do whenever I have some time to spare. It reminds me of my “fresher” days when, on weekdays, I used to come home for 8-10 hours. I used