Note: “Writing”, in the context of this post, refers to publishing in the electronic media. It could be a blog, a portal, anything. Let’s just keep it at that.

To claim that you write is a very dangerous thing. Tell an audience that you actually ‘write’ and a million questions seem to be directed at you.

But why would you dare to claim that you “write” in the first place? Only if you take your writing seriously. Or if you don’t, you want to. If you’re the weaker kinds, you’d be flattened, down and out by the time the questions are done with. So much for your claim of writing.

But most people don’t take their own writings seriously. Or at least, they think they don’t want to. They refer to their writings as “ramblings”. The literal meaning of the word “rambling”, in the writing context, is “writing casually”. Until they don’t get paid for what they write or until they achieve an audience, it remains a ramble.

And those who get paid for it or those who get an audience, start acting modestly. They claim they do it for fun, they even get surprised when people talk about their writings and can’t believe someone actually takes their words “seriously”. “I don’t take my writing seriously, so why do you?”. Truth is, if the writer never took his writing seriously, s/he would not reach the stage of having an audience. Deep inside, they love it. They love to write, they want to do it better, after all, accolades are the ultimate drug. It gives them a high.

But what does our writer continue to say? “Oh, its just a ramble!”

So, writing, by all definitions, remains, of all things, a ramble.

And what happens to those people who actually are true to their claims of not taking their writings seriously? They stop writing, obviously. Whats more, they don’t really miss the whole thing. Chances are, no one else does too.

Where am I going with all this? I have taken you to the middle of nowhere, so what next?

Well, I have the ultimate defense, I tell you. Here, take that:

“Now, I hope you don’t take all that I just said seriously, after all it’s just a …”

3 thoughts on “Ramble

  1. :)
    I have always claimed that I ramble, because I do. It is also a hint that I am not looking for praise or criticism or advice. I just like to have my say and have a lot of fun saying things the way I see it. In fact rambling will unshackle the writer in you, because you set no bars for yourself.

    Came here via Pradeeps.

  2. [Silverine] yes, I remember you have been here before, havent you? you are an honest writer :) I think its the ideal way to write, write for yourself and if someone reads it, well and good!

    [Sajiv] Thanks!

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