The Dilemma

I arrive at the local shopping complex, like I do every evening. A huge chunk of my time here will be spent on deciding what to have for dinner. The usual choices — North Indian, South Indian, Pasta, Soup and bun with cheese, Chinese and what not. The everyday riddle. I have to ponder on

A funny game

… And for all the wrong reasons. Well at least in the context of this blog post. During the course of the India-Bangladesh world cup tie, a friend messaged me on my mobile, already in sorrow of what was to follow — an Indian defeat. An Indian defeat alright, but one against Bangladesh? Those minnows?

Best of Minesweeper!

For the intermediate level of Minesweeper — 20 Seconds, beating my previous record of 24 seconds — that too while talking on the phone! I am amazing! Certainly in the top-10 of all time according to the unofficial records for this level!!