More than a thousand farmers have commited suicide in Vidarbha, in the past 4 years or so.

Yet, no Sharad Pawar and no Vilasrao Deshmukh even bothered to visit the place. And mind you, its not a place far, far away. It’s their own state.

These politicians, they have no conscience. The plight of the farmers remains the same. The politicians can’t claim they have spent the money on the Urban development, for Mumbai stands the same, year after year, half sunk in the rains.

And yet, it took 3 years for our PM to visit Vidarbha. People are dying there.

Do you know, PM sa’ab, what the heat of the Vidarbha summer is like?

You talk about the booming economy and the growth rate, but it takes a farmer to tell you that 70% of India’s population can’t afford to buy two meals a day. A girl, in school, tells you that she doesn’t want to marry a farmer.

Please read this.

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