Shoaib Malik’s comments, first words to the media in fact, after Pakistan lost to India in the T20 final, were on the lines of Islam. He said he wanted to thank the Muslims all over the world. Not everyone was amused. It could mean one of the following things: 1. He wanted to prove that

Chok de India

In a self-service restaurant while I waited for my order, a 30 something man wearing a t-shirt which says: “Wife is like fire. Girlfriend is like water.” Whatever that means. Not far away, another gentleman sporting a t-shirt with the message: “I can give headache to aspirin.” Hmm. *** You notice the cricketers introducing themselves


The last time I met Mr.J.B. D’Souza, in fact the only time I met him, he told me that he was a World war II veteran. And then we talked about books. And Maharashtra politics. He was one of those with whom a man like me can talk, for hours, without knowing a thing. I