This blog, in its present form (this website and all) is one year old today. In the Indian Blogosphere, I have had the opportunity to read some very good writers, talk with some very interesting people and got to meet a few of them too. Most of them have inspired me in their own little ways, some of them have inspired in big ways.

On the other hand, a few friends quit blogging, but they had their own reasons (some quit without one, interestingly). But on the whole, I think, as bloggers, we are going in the right direction.

On second thought, there is not a ‘right direction’. There is only write direction! :)

I also managed a little audience on the way. People who comment, a lot of people who do not comment. I have said it before, I say it again, thanks a lot :)

Someone once told me, you can’t write until you need to write. The same person was the only one who had approved my choice for the name of this domain. If you still read me, thanks a lot. And that line you told me, it was the best piece of advice I have ever had on this subject.

Here are some pictures I took on a days trip to Goa, two weeks back. They are not great, but they should be enough to give you an idea of how Goa looks like in the monsoon!

Yachts from France, in Panjim

Shipyard off NH-17A

Sao Jacinto Island, off NH-17A

Another Shipyard off NH-17A

View from my home

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  1. The view from your home is breathtaking!! Goa looks serene during monsoons, maybe because the tourists have departed :)

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