Happy Deepawali…

…to everyone who reads this! May this festival of lights bring you joy, happiness and prosperity! Meanwhile, I’ve reached Goa and I am still nursing my injured arm. Thank you for the comments in the last post, thank you for the emails…I am going to reply soon!


I always thought that since I hardly ever speed when I ride, I could stay away from accidents. But this is Bangalore. This careless pedestrian, a seemingly well educated man in his 20s, let me have this terrible accident that I have just had, rendering my right arm, well, unusable for at least a few

It’s a Sony

This last weekend, the long weekend that just went by, I decided to check out digicams. Deepawali is around the corner, shopping has been on my mind. Since SonyWorld showroom happens to be next to my workplace, it was obviously first on my list. Turned out, I am not eligible to buy a Sony Camera.