Turning in his Grave

What Modi did, when he made those comments about Sohrabuddin was that he provoked the little devil living in each man, in this case, the hindu front benchers who chanted “Kill him! Kill him!” when he raised up the issue.

Modi has been smart enough to show some state development on his performance report card. It would serve him right and because the Gujarati Hindu voter is always more than willing to give him that benefit of doubt because afterall, he views the CM’s efforts of development as perhaps, ten times of what has actually been done.

Whats disturbing in all this is that Modi saw it coming. He knew that his pro-Hindu (and Anti-Muslim) stance could turn on a backlash if he did not have real development figures to show up. So he had his figures ready.

In other words, this has been Modi’s stance — There has been development in Gujarat, I hate Muslims and I am the Extremist Hindu that you perceive me to be. Its all a part of the deal.

So, a large section of would-be-Modi voters need not worry about his remarks on Sohrabuddin. Why after all, there has been some work done and they need to vote for him. The real, unsaid reason is simple — His antics as Gujarat’s CM, the reasons we all know him for. The speeches ofcourse provoke that little devil in each one of them and the development figures are enough to devoid the voter of the guilt that he may have after voting for the man.

Congress’s comments on the issue have not helped the party; The muddy hands they have got now after all this mudslinging could put the busiest potter to shame. Perhaps it was wrong that Congress started the whole thing but then again, do two wrongs make a right? And don’t our leaders fear the law anymore — that they openly justify and advocate for the killing of a man who, though was accused by law of a crime, had not yet been convicted of it?

The third pillar of democracy, our courts are rotting. Our judiciary has become ineffective for the common man. Our politicians advocate killing people in election speeches. Democracy is being abused in India; we are bending it, breaking it to suit ourselves.

And here we are, hailing to our world of our Democracy. Politics has become such a crying shame.

All this, for the moment, happening in Gujarat — once known as the land of one Mr. Mohandas K Gandhi. I see him turning in his grave.

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