Boldly Polite

On my way back home from work, near the Sony world Koramangala intersection, I saw an Enfield Bullet with “POLITE” written on back, Red bold letters. Curiosity, like always, had the better of me and the red signal as it was, I went near the bike, dragging my (relatively) mediocre looking Honda Activa and I asked the rider what was the whole “Polite” thing all about. I mean, if these letters had to form a word on the back of an Enfield Bullet, “C” had certainly to be a part of it, instead of the “T”.

Turned out, our rider had a little sense of humor. His first reaction was a frown, but as I completed my question, it turned into a smile and he told me that “POLITE”, in those big Red letters, was actually meant to scare off the rude Autorickshaw-wallas, for the menace that they have become on the roads. And since he really didn’t belong to POLICE, he could not claim that “C”. In these mad streets, at high speeds and manoeuvres , “POLITE” could well be “POLICE”.

Presence of mind?


Now, I had to read this a few times to be really sure of what it was. On the exact same spot, a month or two back, a lady driven scooty with, believe it or not, a sticker that said:


Oh, how could I lady, especially with that helmet you have put on.

Absence of mind?

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