The New Face

A few days ago, in conversation on the phone with a friend, talk revolved around the games available for playstation 2. Most of the games ported on video game consoles like the PS series are role-play. You are on the either side — The good guys or the bad guys. A terrorist on the run or a black commando killing robbers. Or a good earthling killing Martians. It boils down to one concept, the one of killing.

Honestly I am not in favor of letting a 13 year old use it because of the gore involved in the games. It is much worse than plain television viewing.

The concept of killing people with guns coupled with this modern amenity called a gaming console makes a combo that can be termed as trash of the western world. I got the console for myself when I turned, ahem, 26. Though I am sure I wouldn’t have picked up the gun but I shudder to think how would it be if I had got my hands on this thing 13 years ago.

The effects are for you to see. The School killings in America. Back home, a first incident of its kind, happened in Delhi a few hours ago. I am not suggesting that the people involved in these incidents were directly influenced by video games but I certainly see a pattern of some sort here.

Children carrying guns to school. This is the new face of the society we are living in.

2 thoughts on “The New Face

  1. The one good thing about India is that the law prohibits sale of firearms and is stringent in terms of licensing weapons. I can’t imagine the state if sale of firearms were to be legalized as they are in the US. But again, all of this boils down to a “choice” that a person makes. Just because there is easy access to guns does not necessitate an increased tendency or probability of homicide. In the case of Delhi school kid fed up with being bullied, what if he had used a “knife” instead of a “gun”? Its not the means but the intent IMO that needs to be reflected upon. Its not the console game but the gamer to blame who takes reference from an unrealistic theme. The parents are to take the major portion of the blame here. What about the tonnes of voilence in movies that our society has a taste for? For argument sake and this makes perfect logical sense, we might as well attribute each and every homicide with a certain movie scene or game. There are two side to the same coin. That Delhi kid needs some serious professional help and therapy and I hope that does not get lost in the media frenzy.

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