One thought on “Be Aware…

  1. Truman,
    useful blog.. some simple ways from our side to be environmental friendly
    •Sharing what we know about climate change with others.
    •Keeping our car engines well tuned .
    •Avoiding idling of the engine at traffic lights and in traffic jams .
    •Forming car pools and encouraging our friends to do the same .
    •Cycling or walking to the neighbourhood market .
    •Using both sides of the paper to write or print .
    •T urning off lights, television, fans, air conditioners, computers and other electrical appliance and gadgets when these are not being used .
    •Planting atleast one tree in the neighbourhood and looking after it .
    •Generating as little trash as possible, because trash in landfills emits large quantities of methane, and if burnt, carbon dioxide is released .
    •Replacing all incandescent bulbs in our home by compact fluorescent lamps which use one-fourth electricity .

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