5 ways you can help the environment

On World Environment Day, I start up a series of articles that focus at the need of the hour — Conserve our home, this planet. Here’s the first.


5 ways we can help our planet

Its not much difficult, trust me. I am not claiming that this is all you will ever need to save the planet but if you want to make a difference this is the easiest way out. It does not take much. I know because I practice most of these.

1. Stop using plastic — at least try to avoid using it as much as possible. Take a cloth/jute bag to shopping. Say NO when the shopkeeper gives you a polythene bag. You could be met with a hard stare when you do that because most people ask for polythene. Stop using disposable spoons, plates etc which are commonly served in most office canteens.

2. Do Carpooling/Bikepooling — Many big global organizations encourage this by forming carpool “clubs”. When I goto work everyday, I see rows of cars stuck in traffic jams and more than 70% of these cars have the driver as the only occupant. If there were three people more in the car, that would reduce 3 similar cars from the crowd. You’ve got to adjust some timetables accordingly to make way for carpooling but most of the time, this is a concept that works.

3. Be careful with electricity — Not just because it gives you an electric shock but because its difficult to generate it. Use CFL bulbs, not the regular bulbs. Instead of the CRT monitors, use TFTs. TFTs take 1/3rd of the power CRTs take up. Turn the monitor off when not in use. Unplugged isn’t the flavor of the season anymore so switch off your appliances “from the plug” when not in use.

4. Use Public transport — Try to use it whenever you can. I say this despite having an idea of the state of public transport in most cities of the country. For distances less than a kilometer or two, walk!

5. Take care with the AC and similar appliances — Don’t keep the AC temperature too low. Keep it just a few degrees lower than the temperature outside. Similarly, don’t put hot food material inside the refrigerator. In both the cases, the appliance works overtime to maintain the inside temperature and that means much more power consumption than the usual.

As I said, you won’t have to go out of your way to accommodate the above mentioned points in your lifestyle. If you have something to add,, comments, as always, are welcome. Keep in mind though — time is running out. And fast.

3 thoughts on “5 ways you can help the environment

  1. Truman,
    You are absolutely right – time is indeed running out, and there is a lot each one of us can do. I have a few more things to add to your list:
    1. If you can’t carpool invest in a bicycle or at the minimum a two-wheeler. Not only would you reduce congestion on the roads but also contribute towards saving the environment.
    2. Don’t let water run while brushing teeth, washing dishes etc. For brushing teeth, fill up a tumbler or a jug and very soon you will realize with how much lesser water you can actually get the job done. The same applies to taking a shower as well – it does make more sense to fill up the bucket and take water than use the shower directly.
    3. If you have to use the car, ensure that you get more than one work done at the same time. That way you would also ensure that you don’t take the car out n number of times.
    4. Join a nature group – bird watching, rock climbing, whatever. It will teach you to appreciate nature in a whole new way while you are having fun.

    Actually a lot come to mind, but the following is something everybody can follow with a little effort.

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