Say NO to Drugs…

…and yes to aerated drinks. If it were my way, I’d say no to aerated drinks too (How ironical — Believe it or not, last week I won 36 litres of it). Anyway, my friend from Kolkata, Dipankar Bose sends me this piece of art:

***…and Say YES to good art!***

I’d want here to introduce a couple of friends and I do it for the sake of art. I have often said, a little bit of appreciation gives any artist the ultimate kick and good work should not be left unnoticed — especially when its out there on the internet.

Its not always that I come across people who are really good in some form of art or the other. Dipankar has done some really wonderful work in computer art but more of the satirical kind. Another dear friend, Desmond, does not use words on his blog but his work with the camera does the talking for him. I link to him on the right and here. Well worth your time, those pictures, I can assure you.

ps: Dipankar’s work should be up soon and I’d have it here!

5 thoughts on “Say NO to Drugs…

  1. I am totally against aerated drinks, haven’t had any for the past 5 years or so. Any way dipankar did a good job.

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