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Defeating the purpose

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I am yet to come across a single telephony/broadband internet company in India which does the basics right. For example, here is something that should not have taken more than 12 hours, but the problem is already 4 days old. Reason being, wrong information provided — repeatedly. My letter to the customer care department of the biggest GSM player in India, open for all.


Dear Telephone company,

When I first emailed you for the change of billing plan from my gmail address 3 days ago, I was asked to do so from my email address registered with you. When I emailed you from the email address that is registered with you (this email address), you have sent me another email, asking me to email you from my official email address.

I am surprised how long, lengthy and irritating the whole process is turning out to be — especially since I have repeatedly mentioned that I want to go for this with “immediate effect”. It is obvious to me how much seriously you have taken my request for urgency in this regard.

You could have told me to send the email from my official address the first time itself. It has already been 3 days I have been requesting for the change of plan and all you are telling me since then is to email from one account to another. I am frustrated because you have told me to send the email from my official address NOW — on a Saturday evening, a weekend, when I can’t access my official email account until the next working day, that is Monday.

Its a pity that something that should have been sorted out by a single email has taken such a long time and still going on. Yours is an example of how the purpose of the email of being quick and fast to accomplish tasks, is totally defeated and lost. Its sad, frustrating and I will make sure that this case is heard by the masses — the people.

Thank you and you will have your email from my official email account on Monday. However, this email will go public today itself.

Aditya Kumar

Written by aditya kumar

June 3rd, 2007 at 1:34 am

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  1. Why didn’t you mention the name of the telephone company? What good will it do if you hide it. People should know what kind of service these companies are providing. Also make it google friendly so that it shows up when people search.



    3 Jun 07 at 10:00 am

  2. Hmm…you seem flustered. I can understand the frustration and agony behind getting service providers (across India) to do something via a phone-call or email. However, I have a friendly advice for you…more like a suggestion. I think your email has a lot of dripping sarcasm which you could do away with especially if you intend on making it public. I mean, if I put myself in someone reading that email, my first reaction would be to ignore it at the way it has been expressed. Although, I concur with your suffering and empathize, I don’t think that the service provider cares considering that your initial request wasn’t handled. What makes you think they would now? BTW, the best way to get heard is to make someone higher in the organization aware of your suffering. That would certainly ring some bells. I am sure this service provider would have heard or read about the golden rule of marketing. “1 happy customer will let 100 of his/her friends/peers/colleagues know about your good services. 1 unhappy customer will let 1000 friends/peers/colleagues know about how bad your services are”. Reminding these establishments of the above is most likely to get your problem noticed, resolved and fixed. I have tried and tested this…it works. Cheers!


    4 Jun 07 at 4:13 pm

  3. I can guess what the problem could be, given that I work in the domain – in no way do the lines that follow constitute a justification, rather they aim to assist you in meeting the objective you have…
    While creating your Broadband profile, it is probable that the email id used to register your profile in the backend billing platform would be the ISP email id, which you may have never used since that day.
    So this is what happens – when it receives a mail asking for a change of tariff plan, it authenticates your identity & hence your request by using the email id. If there is a match, the identity is confirmed and your billing plan is changed; otherwise I assume that the mail server would send an auto-generated mail asking you to send your request from the “official id” – not your office/workplace id, but the id used to register your profile.
    A quicker solution for you would be to call the call center and ask them for a change. There too you would require a form of identity validation, typically your account number. If that is also not available, the best recourse would be to visit their showrooms with a copy of your phone bill.
    If you need more help, do contact me on the email id you would get


    4 Jun 07 at 4:17 pm

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