In Delhi

I will be in New Delhi for a week, starting tomorrow. Unlike my other trips, I can’t say that I am ‘travelling’ since this is not the usual ‘Adventure_&_Explore’ trip. Also, no train travel this time around.

Air Deccan, this time, is my carrier of choice. I hope I get the ATR to fly in, since all the times I have travelled in Indian Airlines, I have only got to see the A-320s. (Thats more-or-less all that Indian Airlines has, right?).

Next post, from New Delhi.

3 thoughts on “In Delhi

  1. My home city (State) indeed. Nice if you are tourist, nicer if you are billing the expenses to XYZ Inc. *wink* Oh! If you are a foodie, you might want to try ITC Maurya’s restaurant ‘Bukhara’ for a meal. Expensive but a ‘treat’. Any case everything in Delhi comes in XL serving size…food, politics, traffic snarls and multiplex.

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