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The Rainmaker, again

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I first watched “The Rainmaker” in Delhi, when it was released in 1997. It was the first english movie I saw and also the first time I went to a multiplex. In fact, they didn’t even call it a “Multiplex” at that time.

There was one more reason why I remember that movie. Karan Thapar was there, standing alone, waiting for the show to begin. I could not be sure at that time though, but it was confirmed when he mentioned his own movie experience in one of his columns for the Hindustan Times a couple of weeks later.

I liked the movie so much that I wanted to buy the book minutes after the show ended. I could not afford to buy that book at that time but I purchased it a few months later and went on to read all of John Grishams in the next two years.

I have seen the movie a few times and I love to see it because Rudy Baylor, a fresh law school graduate, the main character of the movie (played by an always impressive Matt Damon), is a hero of sorts. He is nothing less but the guy next door but as the story progresses so does the stature of his character. He doen’t know that you are supposed to ask the judge’s permission before you approach the witness but he does not repeat his mistakes again. He is imperfect, yes, and that’s the beauty of it. He is scared but not intimidated.

And Somewhere in the movie you realise he is telling you to be the same.

Watch it if you can. If you like good cinema, you will love it.

“It’s hard keeping my mind on Leo Drummond and his people.
They’ll be flying in first class, and after dinner, they’ll discuss my destruction.
When I check in to Motel Six, they’ll be sleeping soundly in their suites.
They’ll wake up fresh and rested and ready for war.
It’s my deposition, but it’s their turf.”

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May 31st, 2006 at 2:19 am

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