Fold the Baby

The sign, in Hindi, in front of my seat in the airplane says, “mausam kharab ho toh kripya shishu ko fold karke rakhen“. Meaning, if the weather is bad, please fold, right, fold, the baby. Yes, the baby.

The same sign below, in English, says, if the weather is bad, please keep the baby wrapped in blankets.

This, my dear readers, denotes the state of our own language, in our own land.

3 thoughts on “Fold the Baby

  1. That’s hilarious!

    Just wandered into your blog via comments in another blog I had chanced upon via… y’know howit works in the blogosphere. I was particularly intrigued by your “adityeah” because I happen to share the same first name. But why “Truman”? “Adityeah” sounds sooo brilliant.

  2. [A.S] Hi, Namesake! Thanks for the compliment :) Wish I could answer your question right here, but I dont want to hijack the comments section!

    [Pradeep Nair]: Mr.Nair, how have you been! :)

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