Look Ma, New Look!

Okay so here we are, Truman changes the look and feel of his blog after about 10 months. The last template received a lot of accolades and I fear this may have a lot to live up to.

Here is what I think. What is new and what would be missed.

Good things:

1. This is more readable. The font attributes are better than what we had in the last template, hence the improvement in readability.

2. The Blue and White combination is good to the eyes :)

3. The Cessna 172 Skyhawk image, I am absolutely in love with it. It held the most important place in my scheme of things. Now, I must mention here, the sky background and the aircraft were two different images. What you see is a blending of those two. The credit for that goes to my friend Dipankar Bose, who worked on it (from Calcutta) because I requested him to. Being a part-time artist myself, I can’t help but appreciate the fine work with the imagery.

4. I think, overall, the template is simple, uncluttered.

What will be missed:

1. The Newspaper template. That was not originally a newspaper-look-and-feel theme. It was just that I had customised it to such a degree that it had started to look like one.

2. Three column look. I have always preferred that. But in the three column themes, readability often takes a backseat.

Anything else? Please let me know your opinions :)

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