False Promises?

The magazine of todays Sunday Times of India carries an advertisement claiming Kerala to be a monsoon, honeymoon destination. It shows a young couple, in each others arms, under a tree, by a river as the rain is pouring in.

On the left side of the advertisement, a line says “Showers of passion”.

Now, I am nowhere near being in such a position, but I wonder if it were the case and if, impressed by this advertisement, I decide to goto Kerala, would they allow me to do that? Won’t the police come and hit me? Won’t the moral police condemn it? Hell, I could even be on National television. Afterall, in India, its almost criminal for a couple to even hold hands in public. So what if they are married.

4 thoughts on “False Promises?

  1. It’s so funny how you can’t hold hands in public, but flip through Femina and everyone’s having sex with their best friend’s fiance in the closet.

  2. ya Denial seems to be india’s best pal! What are we really trying to prove by this facade of suppossed morality?!

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