I am happy that my all-time favorite U2 song is getting accolades even now, a good 15-or-so years after its release.

In fact, “One” is the best song, I have ever listened to.

Now, “One” has been re-released. The song, originally from the album Achtung Baby, has had it’s major re-release in the form of a collaboration between U2 and Mary J Blige. Bono starts the song with his voice and after a few lines lets Mary take over.

Now, let me say, this new version is nothing exceptional and this is not the ‘accolade’ I talked about. It’s this: From the song, this line — “One life, with each other, sisters, brothers”, has been reported Britain’s most adored lyric. The poll was conducted by the music channel, VH1.

Other artists/songs in the top-10 include Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit, Coldplay’s Yellow (I love that song), Robbie William’s Angels and Eminem’s Loose Yourself.

You know who I am missing here? Oasis.

Check all of it, here.

PS: In case you may want to listen to the new released version of this song, just mail me.

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