What Airtel is up to

I have a friend who has been on the lookout for a boradband Internet connection at home. He stays in the posh Koramangala section of the city. Since my experience with Airtel Broadband had been satisfactory, I suggested him to go for it.

On his behalf, I started corresponding with this person from Airtel who was supposed to take care of the “prospective customers” in the Koramangala Area.

After I sent the request, I was told a “Feasibility study” would be conducted. A few days and a few emails later, I had the “result” of their feasibility study in my inbox. That I could not understand most of their official/telecom lingo was another matter altogether.

When I read the excel sheet which contained their analysis, I had this overall idea that something was wrong and they were not too eager to let me have the connection. Why would that happen? Airtel does exist in Koramangala, it’s the hotspot of the city.

I had misunderstood maybe. So I let the Airtel person tell it to me. Well, the “sub-pillar” was “choked” he told me on email. It meant they had a lot of customers in Koramangala. So many that they could not handle. And then came the bomb: We would request you to go to another Internet provider.

There, I thought. Now, thats provoking. You’ve just given me the ticket to go to your bosses up there, lad. They ought to know, someone down there is actually shooing people away. What’s more, you’d be famous on my blog too.

So this is the email, I had the pleasure of writing.

A few days back I had an email correspondence with one of your ******* managers. I had asked him for a connection in Koramangala, Bangalore. After some days, he had told me about a feasibility report which said that the “Sub-pillar” was choked and also suggested me to go to any other service provider.

I feel sad about the state of affairs in your company since in effect, you are asking me to go to another service provider, i.e, your competitor. It is very unusual for a company to redirect it’s prospective customers to the competition.

As per your advice, I have gone ahead and taken a connection from another service provider, which happens to be Airtel’s competitor in the market. They were more than ready to accept me as a customer.

I hope you realise the effect this could have to your organization.

Thank you,


Of course, it’s my friend who has gone to another service provider. Me, I have been off-Airtel for the past so many months now. That’s because they don’t provide service in this part of the city. But even if they did, would they provide me a connection? I doubt it.

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  1. Even their mobile services suck man. One of my friends had a really bad experience with them and had to disconnect the line. Glitches exist in all services but their customer service sucks

  2. one of kind experience – good that you reported…but i am not sure if the person involved would get adversely affected. if you think about it, he cannot do anything about the “choke” – probably his bosses arent listening. so he gave you an honest advice(against all marketing mantras), but that backfired. hmmmm…..i am now thinking if he will ever be honest with his customer again — what do you think ?

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