My U2 Story

Few days ago, was introduced to an initiative taken up by Gul Panag about getting U2 to perform in India (Thanks to fellow blogger Shradha Revenkar for that). The website had a comment board setup and for starters, I put a comment there too (here, somewhere below, still online). Then, after being encouraged during

The New U2

Rolling Stones magazine reports that Coldplay is coming up with a new album next month (June 17th, actually). The fourth album will be titled “Viva la Vida” and Coldplay has promised a departure from the usual piano and guitar routine that has brought them success in the previous three albums. Coldplay’s frontman Chris Martin says


I am happy that my all-time favorite U2 song is getting accolades even now, a good 15-or-so years after its release. In fact, “One” is the best song, I have ever listened to. Now, “One” has been re-released. The song, originally from the album Achtung Baby, has had it’s major re-release in the form of