Meeting the Cricket teams

I am in Goa to watch India play England in the 3rd ODI. As the airport is a stone’s throw from where I live in Goa, I thought it made more sense to get into the arrivals lounge and try to meet our cricketers.

And meet I did. First came Chappell. Then Sehwag (No matter how much he advertises for Reliance CDMA, he uses Airtel) To follow him, Kaif, Munaf Patel, Piyush Chawla, Dravid, Gambhir, RP Singh and Agarkar. Yes, I talked with a few, clicked a lot of photographs, took a *lot* of autographs. One thing I would like to mention though, Dravid is a class apart. I mean, there is certainly an air of calmness he carries around with him. Totally composed. And he is very generous, did not refuse anyone an autograph. Maybe it was his way to thank his fans for where he is today.

Then of course, came the Englishmen or the ‘poms’ as many call them. Freddie Flintoff is tall and expects people to stay away. Pietersen could almost pass as an Irish rock star. Anderson is smart and Hoggard seems like he has just woken up from a tight sleep and/or is drunk. But unlike their Indian counterparts, they did not oblige us. They sat their in the lounge for a longer duration of time, yet preferred to stay away. But it’s understandable. Afterall they have won the ashes. (If you think success has gone to their head, umm..too late)

Pictures soon!

5 thoughts on “Meeting the Cricket teams

  1. I want to see the pictures!! :D please post them soon! :)
    I know what you mean by describing Dravid ‘a class apart’ some people are just like that! Steve Waugh is another who fits that description!
    And LOL to Hoggard! My impression of him is exactly the same as yours! :)

  2. I was once mad, mad, mad about cricket. Spent (wasted?) hours and hours
    on it. Lots of it in front of the radio. Sat through all six hours of all
    five days of Test matches — one dayers weren’t so popular. The betting
    controversy took away a bit of interest, mercifully not all of it. Still,
    I long to be in the place you were in and get a few autographs!

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