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Barcamp is an event held globally for techie people to join in, talk technology and come up with interesting ideas. Barcamps usually happen at the city level and Barcamp Bangalore, Bangalore’s first ever, is scheduled to be held at Yahoo! Bangalore, on the 22nd of April.

India’s first Barcamp was held in Delhi on the 4th of March. (Many claim that they ‘beat’ Bangalore to it. Well, I just like to think that Barcamp is not a competition.) In fact, I think Delhi’s Barcamp was the first in Asia. (Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong)

The whole idea of an event like this is very interesting. I feel techies usually have some very interesting ideas inside their minds but the channels to let them out are absent. Those ideas die in the usual 10-to-8 job, add to it, the laziness inherited by each one of us. A conference (they actually prefer to call it unconference) like this could be the perfect launching pad for those ideas that could die a slow death inside a lazy geek’s brain.

Another thing that impresses me about Barcamp is that everyone needs to contribute and play a part in the event. One could help organizing it, help by giving a presentation, help someone else who is giving a presentation or could just help arranging for beer. Just can’t be a pure spectator. Everyone is a participant in his/her own way.

Though the event is open for anyone and everyone, the seats are limited and are available at first-come-first-serve basis. Bangalore’s Barcamp has a capacity for 100 campers and as expected, it’s all full. (I am camper #39 :)

Of course, I will be covering the event, making notes and posting them here :)

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