The Can Conquer Cancer Initiative

Uma’s post has won the first prize for the the “Can Conquer Cancer” Initiative. My post and Dave’s writeup here, won the second prize (it was a tie :) The results can be seen here.

I wish to thank the people involved in this initiative. It has been an effort, full of positivity. And, as I have said before, to conquer this disease, being positive is half the battle won.

As you may have noticed, with the results announced, I am in such fine company. I am honored, and I don’t know what more to say. It was a surprise, my name there!

Thank you, everyone.

10 thoughts on “The Can Conquer Cancer Initiative

  1. Congratulations!! That was a moving piece, and well illustrated the role the mind plays in such a difficult situation. Glad to know that your dad fought it out, the way it should be.

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