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Rang de Basanti: Worth a watch

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NO Plot/Story Spoiler ahead, so read ahead, don’t worry :)

I watched the movie, first day, second show at Goa’s Inox multiplex. Rang De Basanti (the title of the movie name constantly reminds me of the Radiocity Bangalore DJ, Basanthi),like the other, new-generation, “good” movies carries most of those attributes that one relates the modern times with — Slick photography, Brilliant cinematography and camerawork with awesome music score (well, most of it) but lacks where it matters — The story.

I don’t know what’s up with these new-age directors. Screenplay, music, camerawork, all top class. They can make anything look so good! If you consider movies like Swades, Paheli and now, Rang de Basanti, you will see that how much they have stressed on India, it’s values, it’s people, the culture. Just when we thought that the focus had almost entirely shifted on urban India, we see the Indian countryside and the villages and they look refreshed like never before. Colorful, full of energy. And suddenly you want to be there. The next coming weekend, you want to explore the outskirts of the city, maybe go on the highway, find a dhaba and eat lunch.

But then where do movies like these go wrong? They mess up with something very basic. Most of the times, the casualty is the storyline. Making everything look beautiful and modern, they try a little too hard and in the process, go off the basics of movie making. It’s like eating special bhelpuri with almost no salt. Get what I mean? Rang de Basanti (RDB) is no different. But then again, it’s not at all bad.

It is clear that the makers of RDB want to give a message to the youth, in the youth’s own language, own style. In that sense, I thought it is very similar to Maniratnam’s Yuva. I thought RDB falters because the message to attain a purpose is given alright, but the means to achieve that purpose is wrong. A few more details, and I would be spoiling your movie, so I stop here :)

Final verdict: Even though most of the story actually happens post intermission, it’s a movie to watch. It has got enough positives to buy a ticket and watch it in the theatre (with Dolby!). AR Rehman’s music adds a whole perspective in itself. And one more thing — The perfomances by the actors are worth not just to be seen, but experienced. (Another complaint though, I thought the much acclaimed, Atul Kulkarni could have done with a more demanding role. He is such a delight to watch and he makes most of the screentime that he gets). RDB is not a “just-Amir-Khan-all-the-way” movie. Watch it.

Written by aditya kumar

January 28th, 2006 at 12:32 pm

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  1. Its certainly is worth a watch :-) i watched it twice


    29 Jan 06 at 11:48 am

  2. Aditya,

    Your comments on this.. each sentence is absolutely true.

    Your thoughts are very interesting to read.

    Just came across your site and will continue to read them.

    Keep it going..


    4 Feb 06 at 4:08 am

  3. For Gods sake, Please don’t compare RDB with Paheli.. .
    And i think its light years ahead of Swades(no offence,good movie) without the hopeless preaching and boredom.

    I would like to know what your idea of a good story is.. I don’t think I have seen better original scripts
    in Hindi movies in the last few years(Even Black was inspired by an English movie). If you think Ekta Kapoor’s
    soaps or Karan Johar flicks have good scripts, rest assured u will get loads of them for ur satisfaction in
    the future.

    As far as the message goes,there is no right and wrong that is asserted anywhere. The youth fail by violence
    and they try to get things right by surrender and ironically fail again(but not without inspiring others to do
    something different). Its the feeling that is important(very well brought out than in one of
    Mani Ratnam’s worst commercial movies that you mentioned)and not the means.
    By being cynical just for the sake, you could be losing us a potential chance at the oscars(unlike PAHELI)


    11 Feb 06 at 4:00 am

  4. [GK]: Kekta Kapoor’s soaps and Johar’s movies are not my idea of “good scripts”.

    The youths did not “try to get things right” by surrender. They had done this in cold blood so the question of “getting-things-right-in-the-end” does not arise.

    The youths mention joining the IAS/Poltics to change things. So why did not they apply this to themselves? What are you trying to say, killing politicians would make things better? And the reason why I mentioned Mani’s Yuva is because they youths there do join the politics, change the system by not killing politicians. (And while I am still at ‘Yuva’, which you term as “one of the worst commercial movies”..I must ask you, if you really judge movies by their “commerical value”, then you should be going for Johar flicks, but then again, you dont like his scripts, right?)

    Right and Wrong is not there. But Impatience is. And it shows. Like Anupam Kher says in the movie: “this is the sms generation. anything more than 4 lines sounds like a lecture to you”. That explains the reason why Swades is termed as “preachy” by many.

    Oh and I thought you felt offended, afterall I compared RDB to Paheli. I am just so sorry!


    11 Feb 06 at 12:30 pm

  5. I do not think Swades was “preachy” or “loud”. What probably went wrong with Swades was the
    whole concept of brain drain and the stale NRI being a desi. When you start respecting individuals,
    and their personal lives, only then will you be able to instigate or stirr the deep values of
    patriotism. Swades failed to realize that, and hit the nail in the wrong direction. Similarily
    with RDB probably. There are movies that address global or cosmopolitan issues, problems facing
    the young generation but for the normal viewer to be able to compare it to something he can perceive
    practically. Iqbal is a perfect example of such a movie, anyone watching, can imagine himself in
    the shoes of this village boy (with his disabilities – problems we face daily) wanting to make it
    big (to succeed), and more so, do something that he wants to do, not what he has to do for survival
    as most of us are doing. Having said that, its nice to learn that Bollywood is indeed learning
    and we are finally starting to make movies that give out a message.


    14 Feb 06 at 8:48 am

  6. Dear Mr.Truman,

    I agree with Gk that if you can compare RDB with sick movie like Paheli then there is
    no point that you will praise the movie.Atleast welcome the directors who are making the
    effort and trying something new like Page3 and RDB. Movie is not always meant for idiotic
    romance and stupid family melodrama like Karan johar and stuff.You should look at the board
    level doubt even Swades was having good script but overall it was very boring and slow
    where RDB pass the message and give good entertainment too…I dont know what exactly ppl r happy
    PPl dont want to come out from their fantasy movies and not ready to accept new type of movies.


    21 Feb 06 at 3:07 pm

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