Machines I adore

The machines that interest me do not work on land. They work in either the Sea or the Sky.

I have been collecting warplane models for some time. Recently an “aviation” store has also opened near my office, making money matters worse for me since the last time I got my salary, it was my first destination. Anyway, here are the pictures of my fleet. These models stand on my desk.

Scout4- US Navy
This is the Scout 4 Ranger/Fighter Airplane used by the US Navy.

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Above: The Messerschmitt 109-G, also known as “Gustav”, an example of magnificent design of the German Airpower. Played a major role for Germany in the battles against Britain during WWII.

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Above: The B-24 “Liberator” of the USAF, could be easily called the “mother of all bombers” was in service till 1944. 4 Engines and a top speed of 450 kmph.

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Above: The AV-8B Harrier II- A part of the modern fleet. One of the best Aircrafts a navy could ever have. It’s unique ability to take-off/land vertically using the VTOL and the STOL ability using the Ski Jump is a big advantage, besides having a top speed of 1100 KMPH. Originally a Royal Navy product- a previous version of this, the Sea Harrier, is now also maintained by the Indian Navy. I had the opportunity to take a good look at its cockpit while my visit to the Indian Navy vessel, INS Viraat (prev. HMS Hermes of The Royal Navy) some years back. By the way, INS Viraat can accommodate upto 30 of these.

Soon I will be publishing pictures taken of real aircrafts.

6 thoughts on “Machines I adore

  1. Hi Truman
    These are nice models.
    My brother is a major model airplane enthusiast.
    He puts a lot of hours making these models.
    He also makes balsa wood models. He is an
    expert in making the really light ones and he
    competes in indoor competitions.

  2. @Livinghigh and Mr Higgins: Thank you :) Did you notice by the way, both of your brothers happen to be airplane enthusiasts?

    Mr Higgins, has your brother put some pictures of those models online? Would love to see them! :)

    I wish we had competitions like those here too.

  3. Good work mate. Do check out the shop in
    ‘The Forum’ called ‘model art’ if not already done. You might lay
    hands on a few more models.

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