Michael has Just Learnt to Rock Bangalore

According to news going around, Danish Band, Michael Learns to Rock- more popularly known as MLTR, is due to perform in Bangalore on the 25th of September. The Band will also perform in Bombay.

Romantic ballads of this band have been the prelude to Boyzone listening era of my life before I went on to the likes of Oasis and U2. Though I haven’t listened to MLTR in the last few years, I can safely say, MLTR, Boyzone, Sting, Bryan Adams and U2 are some bands that I have listened to so much, that I remember most of the songs.

Of them- Sting and Bryan Adams have already performed here. MLTR will be coming next month. I am sure to be there.

But when will U2 come to India?

3 thoughts on “Michael has Just Learnt to Rock Bangalore

  1. Where I come from, you can be crucified if you admit openly that you’re a fan of MLTR. But I swear, secretly
    everyone knows the words to their ballads. :)

  2. @Shub: I do not know abt the Eagles tour. Will let you know when I get to know something :)

    @Aidid: Trust me, its more or less the same here in India!

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