A magnificent movie and an excellent article

After I saw Iqbal, I thought I could very well update my last post on the movie since I think it is a well made movie. I have always believed in Kukunoor’s abilities as a director and this time too, I was not disappointed. The best thing about the movie was that unlike other movies that are based on a theme like this, this movie does not evoke emotions because our Hero is deaf and mute. In fact, chances are that while watching the movie you might forget, for once, that he is handicapped at all.

The reason why I did not update my last post on Iqbal and am writing a new post here is because I thought there could be a connection drawn between Kukunoor’s magnificent movie and Anand Vasu’s excellent and thought provoking article on the state of Indian Cricket Selection process here. The author is Cricinfo’s assistant editor.

Mr Vasu’s article proves that cricket is not just a mere sport in my country. More than a sport, and not only a religion, I think it is an industry. There is more to it than what meets the eye. I urge you to read it here.

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