Why do we blog?

According to Wikipedia, often, the word “blog” is used to describe an “online diary or journal”. Dwelling on this fact, In this post, I have tried to find the answer to this: what makes people blog?

The most common form of blogging is maintaining an online journal. In fact, the whole idea of blogging revolves around the above statement. Of course, the topics may differ.

But why Blog? Why have an online journal in the first place?

Many of us have maintained personal diaries and journals. Some of us still do. One of the most common protocols is to update it before going to bed, or for that matter, any chosen time.

Blogging is all that, except that it is for the world to see.

In the beginning, the idea may be a little difficult to grasp. What you write online will not only be read by people but also, often, be scrutinised out there. You may choose to write anonymously or have a nick name which shows a trait of your personality. (Or if you want to try something stupid, you could be like me, keep posting using a screen name but have a URL that divulges the real name so conveniently)

Once this idea is accepted, the real fun starts. Those of us who blog and who have also maintained personal diaries know that at a level, blogging is more exciting than the diaries that we have penned. I think it is so because at some level we want our ideas and thoughts to be analysed, discussed upon and to our delight, finally be accepted by the people. Blogging provides that “level”.

We all blog about anything- from criticising Times of India (which, admittedly, doesn’t take much of research, an example here at CSF. Even someone at Wikipedia couldn’t resist the temptation, here.) to write about the small things that irritate us, just like EP tells us here. We even have a great-first-attempt at Singlish (Singaporean English) humor or on a more serious note, write a splendid account of a city coming to life every morning, as evident from Bombay’s flora fountain.

But we write, and that’s all that matters.

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