Iqbal, coming up..

Nagesh Kukunoor is not a typical bollywood director. His work says it all. I absolutely loved his Teen Deewarein. I think it was a very well made film. Of course, if you attribute success to “commercial” success, his films may not touch that mark. But he has persisted with his directing style and I think that is the best thing about him.

His latest offering, Iqbal: The Rampur Express is due to release the coming Friday. This, from Rediff:

“His latest, Iqbal: The Rampur Express, is an unusual tale about a deaf and mute boy (Shreyas Talpade) who wants to join the Indian cricket team. And he has a village drunk (Naseeruddin Shah) for help.”

With Iqbal Kukunoor is trying something new. From the outside, this could combine the sentiments of Cricket in Lagaan and the disability in Black. He could be trying to pull off a commercial success here. Actually, even if Kukunoor rips off any bollywood movie and remakes it in his own way, I would look forward to it because I know with this guy being the director, the story is in safe hands.

The other big reason to watch this movie is Naseeruddin Shah. One has to keep in mind, Mr Shah is one actor who does not render his services easily to any director.

Kukunoor’s movies are simple. They are not heavy stuff. He tells the story in an uncomplicated way. And you should listen to his hindi. His Hyderabadi hindi speaking style is something that amused me.

I am looking forward to Iqbal.

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  1. I’m really looking fwd to it too. It seems with “teen dewarein” Kukunoor had really matured as a director. If this one is even half as good, it’ll be good.

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