The Phases of Blogging

Based on my personal experience- the phases of blogging:

1. You finally start a blog. It seemed an obvious thing to do. There is so much to write, so much to talk about.

2. You write. About your past, your present. There is no stopping you. You do not care what other people write on their blog. They do not care what you write on yours. No one reads your blog except you and you are sure about it.

3. Ah, a comment. Your first visitor. Or at least the first visitor who cared to comment. Now you know what you write will be read by someone else too.

4. More comments. Appreciation. You are surprised because you have just come to know some bloggers have “blogrolled” you. Wow that feels cool doesn’t it?

5. Time to get into the groove. You get more applause as you write. The comments never stop. The sitemeter runs like an airplane’s speedometer. You wonder what had been stopping you all this while to start blogging. Welcome to Blogosphere.

6. You have to think harder when you write. It’s because you know what you write is going to be scrutinised out there. Appreciation is a hard thing to earn but let’s face it- for a writer it’s the ultimate drug.

7. A few bad posts, couple of harsh comments and you are analysing where you went wrong. Heck you even got one hate mail.

8. You get everything into perspective. At least you think you do. Why think of people? You remind yourself that you write for no one else but you. Comments or no comments, who cares. And you do NOT crave for attention.

9. You have had enough. no, really. All these complications are uncalled for. You delete some of your old posts. You contemplate killing your blog too! You think it’s the stupidest thing to do, this blogging. At the moment you are toying with the idea of deleting your blog.

10. In the case your blog is history by now, you think of starting over on a fresh note after some time. This time you would do better. Learn from your mistakes. In case your blog survives Phase 9, you move on with the comments link disabled. That is because you wish to write and concentrate on the writing aspect rather than think about the comments.

11. You enable the comments. Feedback is such an important aspect of writing and you did not wish to miss on that.

The process continues.

11 thoughts on “The Phases of Blogging

  1. hehehehe… cute. nartcisstic creature dat i am, though, i never really thought abt deleting de stuff permanently…. though i DID go thru a phase of “i just can’t think of what to write here!!!”
    hmmmm… but i think we’re both over those phases, eh, babe? lol.

  2. Deepa and Sajiv: :)

    Rahul: Yes we are both past those phases..err..but are we? You never know. Its a cycle ;)

    Kaps: I have come over this cycle once. As you must know- this is my second blog ;)

  3. hehehe…..

    so, really, which phase are you in??

    Now i need to start thinking about which phase i’m in. You’ve made me worry!

  4. Hmmmmmmmm , is a more detailed thesis on it way??
    You’ve got everyone pondering what stage my blog is in as per Truman!

    So where has this post put you? Stage 5 or Stage 11;-)

  5. Shradha: Thanks :)

    Prashanth: I see that you agree with what I have to say about the phases of blogging ;)

    Sunil and Minal: As I mentioned before, I have come over this cycle once. hah…but Sunil, you need not worry. You see, thats the whole point. By worrying about your blog you would only reach Stage 9 faster than usual. Avoid reaching that point :)

    Thank you everybody :)

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