A heartless society

Today, while I was in the auto, on the other side of the road I saw an ambulance stuck in the middle of a traffic jam. Its red and blue bulbs flashing and the siren enveloping every other noise on the road. But it was helpless. No one bothered. Not one effort was made to give it a clear way. All the special instruments that it had equipped itself with of no use, the ambulance was just another vehicle in the thick sea of metal frames of a yet another traffic jam in this city. And for most of the drivers, I figured, with its sharp siren, it was a yet-another-nuisance.

So did the patient survive I wonder. I hope that person is still alive.

In our cars, stuck daily in the traffic jam while we go to work, we criticize the government. We demand a better civic sense not only from the government but also from the driver of the car ahead of us. We question why the roads are not wide enough. We even proudly claim that we pay our taxes and we deserve a much better city.

But do we stop the car to let the blind man cross the road? Do we make way for the ambulance behind us? Do we, just for a second, think of the person who might be actually living his last moments inside the van which is supposed to take him to the hospital? Is not that the least we can do sitting in the air conditioned interiors of our car? In those minutes while we swear countless times, is there no room for compassion at all?

In India, life comes cheap. The economy is doing good, isn’t it?

We are a careless, heartless society. We have grown into one.

4 thoughts on “A heartless society

  1. There’s this community service advert on the radio while i was in KL. In the ad someone is drowning. Then a voice over asks
    if we (the listener) would help the drowning man. Then it says someone might be drowning in an ambulance, and we could help
    if only we moved aside and let the ambulance pass.

    I thought it was a good ad.

  2. mmm… i understand ure concern and hurt, but….. how’re ppl sposed to make way, in case it’s a dreadlock? i’m assuming that it’s a loooooooooooooooooong traffic jam.

  3. A great man once said that India is like stagnant water, somebody throws a stone then ripples are produced then its back to normal.

  4. Aidid: Yes, it was a good advt. Things like that should be aired in India too.

    Rahul: Okay, I agree. forget the looooong traffic jam. But in case it’s not a loooong traffic jam then? How many times have you witnessed someone making way in the latter case? If an effort is made to make way for the emergency van, a message is sent across. That is my point.

    Sajiv: Quite right said. Harsh reality. But I hope things are going to change.


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