I had been contemplating leaving blogging for a while, or maybe for good. Maybe I should take a few days off and learn to get inspired again. I am not sure. What I am going to do is let it come to me by itself. As a blogger, I know, you can’t write unless you have to. Unless I have that strong urge again, I am going to let it be. and let me be. I have been having issues at work and there are more important things to concentrate on. In any case, my request to you readers would be to hang in there — do not delete your bookmarks or the rss feeds of this blog just as yet.

I have avoided tags in the past (responses to being tagged, etc) but I could not do that this time. So when Sneha from One Life tagged me, I felt amused but I clearly forgot about the tag — until now. This has been an entirely personal post and I continue the inroads to my personality with the 10 things you never knew about me (well, ok, it is – 10 things that you may or may not know):

1. When I was 20, in Pune, I fancied working for the intelligence services.
2. At almost the same time, I used to visit The Times Of India’s office at Fergusson college road to submit my articles to be considered for publication. They were crap.
3. I gave my first job interview for my third job.
4. I can’t stay away from the sea. I have traveled extensively on the Konkan coast and I have also seen the east coast in a bid to compare the two.
5. I specialize in (self-taught) Visual Aircraft Recognition.
6. I draw portraits.
7. I hate snakes. I can’t stand them.
8. Amitav Ghosh and Rohinton Mistry are my favorite writers.
9. Travel, for me, in many ways, is a time to retrospect. If I move away from my workplace, my mind works very differently and I feel I need to hear the voice within. So maybe, if things permit, I would like to move away from it all and travel.
10. I knew I would be in software back in 9th standard, though, the inner voice can be misleading at times.

Bonus 11: I am an accomplished minesweeper player (Yes, that Windows game no one understands). My best is 16 seconds at intermediate. I lost the screenshot! But an older best attempt is here.

So, who would I tag now? Shradha from Sleepy Conscience. I wish I could tag a few more people but I am not sure how much is my blog read. Can the silent readers please stand up?

3 thoughts on “tagged

  1. Yes , I am one of the culprit (silent reader)

    It’s sad to know that you are taking a sabbatical from blogging but I do agree with your viewpoint; Of just letting it loose for some time and come back with great fervour.

    As a matter of fact, I am doing the same. Taken a 2 month break from gymming and just lying low, till I hit back at machines, pumping veins, feeling the first drop of sweat running down your spine, bulging muscles and cold shower that follows it.

    It was great to know the insight of what’s happening in the mind of ex-housemate (Belaku’s ).

    Hope to see you back soon and hopefully I will no longer be a silent reader rather a active responder (??)

    Have fun and come back with a new revived ardour :)


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