Sunday morning, walking from Bangalore’s Garuda Mall to LifeStyle Mall, we pass by The Bangalore Football stadium. A game going on inside, tickets priced at Rs.20, no takers for it. I am tempted to think — In this nation of cricket worshippers, for all we know they could make the entry here free and yet there would be no takers for a local game of football. Everything the usual here but for one announcement that has been printed on A4 sized papers and pasted all over the gates —

“Parking not allowed here. If you still park here the Tiger will take away your vehicle.”

All the previous thoughts notwithstanding, I stop and stare. Read it again and stare more. The Tiger taking away the vehicle. Hey, I want to try that. Or maybe not.

And as I later found out, the source of the stadium’s authoritative stand, as I had suspected, has been mentioned here. Mind you, these Tigers are far from extinct.

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