Windows 7 House Party, Bangalore

I will be hosting a Windows 7 launch party at my home sometime around the 22nd of October – The official launch day of Windows 7. The aim of the party is to see Windows 7 ultimate, the first day, first hand. Those of you who have had their experience with Windows 7 RC should also consider attending an event like this because there ought to be many refinements from Windows 7 RC’s journey to become the final box release.

So if you are in Bangalore around the 22nd of October and have been hoping to get your hands on Windows 7 and don’t mind coming to my place for a round of free coke and snacks with some like minded people, drop me a line on email and warm up to the idea of attending a Windows 7 Launch Party.

3 thoughts on “Windows 7 House Party, Bangalore

  1. I’ve been selected to host the Windows 7 launch party, and plan to host in at Seven Hotel… :)
    Date: 24 Oct, since its a weekend
    Time: 5 pm onwards
    DJ Sandy gonna be spinning the best of House Music.. :)
    Can I get ur mail id (personal one) so that i can send you the party invite?

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