indievisual lack of patterns

A few days after I told my house owner that I would like to vacate the house I am in now, word seems to have spread fast across the estate brokers of my colony. So much that after a few days of it, I notice that my house has a “TOLET” board on. How it came there and since when it has been there, I have no idea.

On the electrical pole, across my house, another “TOLET” message. It says, “Indievisual houses for rent – 1,2,3 BHK” and then on another line, “4,5,6 BHK”. Oh yeah, I want one too, an “Indievisual House”. Oh no wait, what if I want a “7,8,9 BHK”? Where’s that pattern gone, now?

Can’t help but notice a similar lack of patterns at my office cafe. On the price list:

“gravy with 3 roti – Rs.30
gravy with 4 roti – Rs 40
gravy with 5 roti – Rs 50”

People don’t eat gravy with 6 roti, oh no.

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