Guru Gone (Plagiarizing?)

The Sunday Times of India, page 14 “Spotlight | Instant IQ”, a feature called “Guru Gyaan” has the heading “About a Boy” and talks about one Kurt Cobain. Everything fine except for the fact that it has been copied, verbatim, from Wikipedia’s page about, no prizes for guessing, Kurt Cobain.

Wikipedia’s page on Kurt Cobain here.

It’s copied as is. TOI has not even attempted to get away with it. Over the years, this newspaper has been caught plagiarizing so many times and yet it does not change anything at the editorial desks of the daily. This surprises me. Whats even more appalling is that this is happening at the national level, not in city supplements. At least the Kolkata, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and the Mumbai editions carry it.

Another thing: The article has a line saying, “Cobain struggled with drug addiction and the media pressures surrounding him and his wife Courtney Love”.

This, under the heading, “What makes him cool?”. Wow, now this is something so “cool”.

6 thoughts on “Guru Gone (Plagiarizing?)

  1. Hmm…the TOI web-edition is handled, as I have learnt, by a seperate team altogether. The paperback edition is OK and has all the “masala” to keep all “janta” interested afterall they ought to make some money :) I wouldn’t pick TOI if I wanted to read something that is worth investing time in…BTW, you are right on the money with TOI “stealing” chunks of information from the web…appaling to say the least.

  2. Why am I not surprised, Truman? The net makes it so easy to simply lift stuff and publish it, without even bothering to make some perfunctory changes. Unfortunately, it’s not as if some paper has a monopoly on this stuff. Everybody does it.

    On that dismal note…

  3. This was new to me, but was not surprised. I have always doubted TOI’s reliability and their views on national issues. They are the biggested promoters of pseudo-secularism in our country.

    They have been pampering minorities and their stupid cause always. They alwas ingnored the interest of majority like our politicians.

    In terms of quality of news, I have heard Hindu and Indian Express are best. For creativity in journalism, lately I have become avid fan of Hindustan Times Mumbai edition.

    They target core issues and report them in great length and depth. Problems of roads in Mumbai is not as severe as it is in Pune, but HT never misses to report every single pot hole in the city. Whereas in Pune, we hunt for roads among pot holes, and TOI has done nothing more then routine news.

    Thanks for providing another reason to avoid TOI in future.

  4. Dilip: I ask the million dollar question — why do they do it? I mean, writing an essay given a subject doesn’t take much! It beats me because come to think of it, I’d say they find it easier to lift it off from the internet and give it to print. No problem with that as long as they are willing to give the credit where its due — which they don’t.

    Ken: I’d like to say, in my opinion, HT is not any good. I have heard enough outcry against it. I get the Delhi edition sometimes here in Bangalore (on Sundays) and apart from a few pages, I can tell you — the rest does not suit me. Indian Express and the Hindu are the best of what remain.

    Saurabh, Alaphia — thanks for your comments!

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