A funny game

… And for all the wrong reasons. Well at least in the context of this blog post.

During the course of the India-Bangladesh world cup tie, a friend messaged me on my mobile, already in sorrow of what was to follow — an Indian defeat. An Indian defeat alright, but one against Bangladesh? Those minnows? That too in the match which starts the campaign? Nah, I replied. Don’t despair, it won’t be a loss. Bangladesh hadn’t started batting and it would not turn out as bad as you think, friend.

It seemed an idea so absurd. It seemed to me, at that time, at least. Unexpected things happen in a game but a loss of this magnitude, that too at a time like this was unthinkable.

The media, the hype, the pressure, the hopes (and somewhere within — a bundle of fear), just about everything advocating the cause of our team. SMS your wishes to the team, says every news channel (Little do you know that you help the news channel get rich while you sms them). Four cricketers run and fight for pet bottles of Cola while the public says “Come on, India!”. The Master Blaster of them all, has just changed brand loyalties and chosen CDMA over GSM. The CDMA operator is advertising like hell now. One of our out of form bowler (or batsman..or bowler?) asks you to use that petrol with “power boosters”.

I have nothing in particular against those cricketers endorsing stuff. But yes, it hurts to see them advertise cola, toothpaste and what not during the TV Break while they return back to the pavilion after another miserable failure on the field. Tell you what, they should make it illegal to broadcast an ad of the cricketer who has just got out. Instead show us an ad of the guy next in order. I mean, would you really want to see Sehwag bold out for 2 after trying a yet-another-cut shot (apparently, that seems to be the only shot he attempts these days) and while he returns back to the dressing room, a “gleaming” he will tell you the secret of his energy, you know, that malt drink? God, won’t you hate that.

Anyway, I see I have drifted off topic. I was so sure of an uprise last night that I went on to see the complete match, the late night notwithstanding. Dravid, the captain, sometimes surprises me. It seems he waits for things to happen. While Ganguly was famous for talking with his bowlers at regular intervals, I hardly see that with Dravid. Communication helps. Besides it’s clear indication to the bowler that his captain trusts him and listens to him while the world is watching. Now, this is, however, not the only criteria for being a good captain. Just a thought. But he’s as baffling to me as his South African counterpart Graeme Smith but at least South Africa wins matches.

So, now, just imagine what would happen if India failed to reach the Super-8. Not so super, eh? How would you feel then, say, Australia v/s New Zealand, Live on your TV. By that time, our Indian team would be back in India. And while you watch the Aus-NZ match — Craig McMillan gets out, walks back. A commercial break and there comes Yuvraj with …

Meanwhile, here I am, hoping for a reprise. All is not lost and hopefully, won’t be lost (pssst…psst…they say we need a miracle from here)…

“Making miracles is hard work, Most people give up before they happen. — “Maybe that’s something” by Sheryl Crow”

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