Cricket Boredcasting!

From what I have seen so far, Set Max’s coverage of the Cricket World cup has been trashy. I am surprised by the lowly standards touched by this channel.

There is nothing wrong in starting the “coverage” of the match, a couple of hours before the game actually starts and they have tried to rope in most of the so-called experts of the game. Indeed, everyone has his own opinion and the panels usually end up saying everything plausible about the game of the day. Where Max has gone wrong, and this surprises and concerns me the most, is messing up with the basics of sports telecasting. There is so much hurry for showing the advertisements that you can be sure of missing the last ball of the over in case the 6th ball of the over happens to be a no-ball. We have often blamed the state broadcaster for a telecast of this quality but now MAX seems to be giving DD a run for the money. Let’s see who is more messy. This shows how professional the channel is.

Then there is that stupid animated character (Wasn’t it present in the 2003 edition too?). Two bad things there — it’s a little too big on the size and it makes a lot of noise. The sound level is way too high.

My personal favorite sports broadcaster is ESPN Star Sports. I believe they end up with the best cricket commentators. Most of it has been a result of their experience and expertise with broadcasting sports events. It’s sad that the channel hasn’t been able to broadcast most of the Indian cricket events but I have looked forward to their broadcast everytime.

Coming back to Set MAX, the World Cup has barely started and I am already disappointed by their live feed. It is true that whatever they dish out to the cricket starved society of ours will be accepted without complaints as long as it’s cricket, but that doesn’t mean you put a fly in the soup everytime you serve it out!

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