How ‘middle class’ …

“You know, people think I bought this big house (because) I wanted to live in a big house. But the idea is I am from Delhi and everybody lives in big bungalows there. For a Delhi-ite it’s not a big house even though I am a middle class boy.”

Shahrukh Khan says it here.

Now, I find this strange, coming from SRK. Especially that part of the quote where he says that everybody in Delhi lives in “big bungalows”. I lived in Delhi for a good 7 years and now I realise that I was living in a bungalow. Wow.

Err…so he lives in a bungalow because he is from Delhi? And he is a middle class boy who lives in a bungalow that is not a big house?

Throughout this interview, SRK lays importance on the point how middle class his family is. This is nothing new, because I have never come across any Indian celebrity interview where they say that they belong to the upper-class. Or rather, don’t say that they are middle-class.

I sincerely respect SRK for his humble beginnings, his continued rise to stardom, his acting in Swades and most of all, his work ethics. But this? Strange.

2 thoughts on “How ‘middle class’ …

  1. Even I am a bit surprised. Now that he is doing KBC, and is seen in a different light other than as a mere actor, probably he thinks living in a big house may be “politically incorrect”, or he must be for some reason feeling guilty. It would have sounded more straightforward and simple if he had said, “I simply like to live in a big house.”

  2. [Pradeep] Could be. I think it’s so because while at this point when he is doing KBC, he is claiming to be in touch and being a part of the masses — the only hindrance could be his larger-than-life lifestyle. Maybe he is trying to be modest. Or maybe he has been quoted out of context :) Well, he has made news anyway!

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