Happy Feet and Photoblogging

Many people ask me, how do I find so much time to travel. Finding time is not difficult, if you want to. Okay thats not a practical answer. I have a few of rules I follow. First, Jump at every and any opportunity to travel that comes your way. Second, Take at least one long vacation in the year. Long vacation means far away. Say, from Bangalore to Kasauli; or to Kohima (that trip got cancelled, last year, thanks to whats been happening in Assam). Third, never be afraid to travel alone. I realise not everyone can do that, but I do it. Fourth, feel it big. How many times have you travelled, usually a short 2 day trip, and not really felt it? Short trips appear trivial. But if you observe, look closely, look at the people, the land that lays ahead of you, you will experience a thousand different stories. Be open to it all. And then you learn.

You feel your feet are happy when you travel, longing for more.

About my last month’s trip to Goa. The good thing about going to Goa, my ‘home’, with a bunch of friends, is that I have to show them around. I become almost like a tourist guide. Normally, I won’t go and visit any tourist place, say, a cathedral or so-and-so beach. I mean, going to home for 3-4 days — I’d rather spend time at home with family than look around. But guests change that. I go to places I have gone only with guests. It’s like my own, exclusive, pre-decided ‘package-tour’. So last month when I travelled to Goa with my friends, I ended up taking long walks alone on the sea shore, clicking pictures while the gang played ball in the waves. Lots of quality time spent in solitude and the result? — Some of the best pictures I have ever clicked. I think so, neverthless.

Pictures below. Comments, as always, welcome.

House beside the sea
House beside the sea, Dona Paula

St. Catherine’s Cathedral
St. Catherine’s Cathedral, Old Goa

The Cross, The Sky
The Cross, The Sky

Classic Goa
Classic Goa

The Sun, The Land, The Water, The Sky and a Cosmic nature, common to all
The Sun, The Land, The Water, The Sky and a Cosmic nature thats common to all

Panjim Church, Panjim City
Panjim Church, Panjim City.

Downtown Panjim
Downtown Panjim.

7 thoughts on “Happy Feet and Photoblogging

  1. Thanks for the advice. I definitely try and do one long vacation in an year. It is the shorter trips that don’t happen as frequently. And you are right – even when they do, I guess the perspective is what makes a difference. For instance, even thought Goa is your hometown I find your take on Goa different in every post you write about it.

    Lovely photographs, by the way.

  2. Hey, Aditya, we were in Goa last month too! Republic Day weekend – we stayed on Palolem in a beach hut, and it was gorgeous.

    Emma -it’s funny, for me it’s the shorter trips that are never a problem, but I long for a really long vacation and I can never seem to make it happen…

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