On a high

The airport runway gives me a high. Always has given me a high. Today it happened, quite literally.

The airport boundaries are guarded by long, fenced walls. In a quest to catch a glimpse of the runway and aircrafts taking off, I had to climb a tree off airport road — On one side heavy traffic and on the other side a tall wall with barbed fence.

Airports, like Bangalores, lie in the middle of the city. There are residential and commerical complexes around the boundaries of the airport. These places offer a decent enough view of the aircrafts that hover around. Yet, photography around the airport is prohibited. Why? This is the age of the internet and google Earth, yet, simple and harmless guys like me have to act like monkeys to get shots like these:

The above aircraft is an IAF HS 748 Avro, a medium range utility bird. Of course, the picture has been taken by me, after much hardships. Frankly, an ordinary photo. The sunlight was against me else the shot would have been better.

All said and done, I must say this business of clicking flying birds is not an easy one. It’s a real pain, at times, quite literally. And the Government doesn’t make it any easy for people like us.

There are less sights better in life than being in the cockpit of a cessna 172, 500 feet above and going down while ahead lies a runway and you’re cleared for landing. I tell you that from personal experience.

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