We’re Bachelors, Baby

Three bachelors, including yours truly, spent their new years eve walking down Brigade Road. Then to Residency road, briefly touching St.Marks Road and then most of MG Road before coming back to Brigade Road. And then doing it all over again. We could have walked from Brigades to MG but for the Police. Not only had they made Brigades a “Pedestrian-only” zone, they had made it one-way as well. Not a bad thing, considering the amount of crowd expected in the area.

Few minutes past ten and hunger strikes. What better than to have Pizza at Pizza Hut on this eventful evening? Only that the restaurant is closed. This got to be some kind of joke, I say; New Years eve and Pizza Hut’s shutter down? Just the shutter down, not closed per se –as we find out 20 minutes later.

Turns out, same time last year, people high on beer did some bad things to the Pizza Parlor. So this year they decided to play safe. Shutters down, and (backdoor) entry to people only after being sure that they’d not create trouble inside. Of course, a little extra time to prepare your order — It’s rush and everyone wants to have a good time here. Lovely, take your own time — We have plenty to talk.

An hour later we are still wandering, no where in particular. The mob that surrounds us is high on alcohol. Not exactly the kind of place you’d want to take your girl to. Amidst of all this, the crazy cricket fans that we are, we try to arrive at a conclusion on why our team has had a hard time in South Africa. Speaking of which, would they care if they knew? The Sehwags and the Dravids, would they care if they knew that at a quarter to New Year, in the middle of a crowd of thousands at MG Road, Bangalore, two guys were indeed found discussing, of all things, reasons for the miseries of Indian Cricket? Crazy, yeah. We’re just the kind of people BCCI needs to run the show here.

They say what you do at the stroke of the hour, you tend to keep doing for the rest of the year. We, afraid of the excited mob that we had witnessed, spent the moment in the auto rickshaw going back home. So much for the New Years. In the words of Garfield, that lazy fat cat, “We’re bachelors, baby“.

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  1. i remember new years eve in 2004 when a bunch of us were on brigade/MG and it was impossible walking through all those crowds of drunken men. traumatic! tained my idea of new years eve forever!

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