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I have visited Chennai twice in the past 14 months (and all my life) without visiting the beach. The Marina beach, the famous coastline that extends a massive 12 kms. I have regretted, not walking on those sands but most people tell me that I have not missed much. Especially if you happen to be a west coast guy (which I am). And especially if you happen to be a Goa-westcoast guy (which, again, I invariably, am –you may say, such a spoiled child, I am)

I have travelled on the streets of Mumbai and a little in Chennai too. What I miss the most is the sea. Here you are, in cities that happen to be next to oceans but sadly and to my dismay, the sea does not makes its presence realise. You keep wandering around the city and no where does the sea come into picture. For all the roads I travelled, I could not even sense the feeling that I was near the ocean. Not even close to it. Yes, sweating could be a sign but then is that the kind of sign I am looking for?

So, for Mumbai it is the Marine Drive and for Chennai, I guess, it is the east coast road that shows you the sea. I could be wrong about Chennai since I have hardly spent time there. So I may have missed a big clue, maybe a long stretch that takes me along the sides of the water, within the vicinities of the city.

Why I look for these big clues is because I have spent so much time in Goa. Right from the moment I enter into the state, the ocean comes and goes, almost flirting with my sight. Seven years in Goa and I have been treated to exquisite beauty that no other place has had to offer.

Having dinner on the sand overlooking the sea, watching the boat’s lights in the night till it fades away while the lighthouse does its best, even when the navigation equipment nowadays ceases the need for a light tower — for me, it’s wonderful to even think about the place.

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  1. Hmmm.. Am also planning a visit to Chennai sometime soon. Any suggestion for the places that I should not miss out visiting while I’d be in Chennai..? Btw… Blog updated…

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